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A Complete Breakdown of our Bali Wedding Package

Everything You Need for a Perfect Luxury Wedding in Bali

Further details of the services that make up our Bali wedding package

Our Home Page lets you build and book your wedding package - if you haven’t already visited the page then we recommend you do that first.

This page goes into a lot more detail about each part of the wedding package and has more photographs and video examples.

If you are looking for more details concerning the decoration then head over to our Decor Page

Wedding Planning

Full service event planning by Luxury Weddings Indonesia

The wedding planners of Luxury Weddings Bali also work for our sister company Luxury Weddings Indonesia. We specialise in bespoke event planning services and are the premier luxury wedding planner based in Bali. The vast majority of our weddings take place in the top resorts such as Alila Villas Uluwatu, AYANA Resort and Spa’s SKY venue, Ritz-Carlton Bali, The Apurva Kempinski, Mulia Resort Nusa Dua and Amanjiwo in Yogyakarta. We only provide wedding planning services and work with independent wedding vendors for every other aspect of an event.

Luxury Weddings Indonesia is known for our focus on the logistics of a wedding. Preparation. Timing. Organisation. Professional staff. All the key elements of providing a smooth and enjoyable wedding day free of any stress for the couple, their family and their guests.

We bring all of this experience and management to Luxury Weddings Bali.

What can you expect from Luxury Weddings Bali?

You will work closely with a wedding planner from the moment you book your wedding package. They will be responsible for guiding you through the wedding planning process, liaising with all the vendos, updating you on a regular basis, assisting you with any preferences or requests, offering advice when needed and generally being as helpful as possible.

Two months before the wedding your wedding planner will send you a draft rundown that contains your wedding day timeline - basically all of the information you’ve agreed upon during the planning process. Once finalised we will have a timeline that contains details of the rehearsal and the wedding day - it covers every key event including which vendors or guests are involved, where the event is due to take place, how long it should last and what to cue up next. Every detail is covered no matter how small.

Once you've have time to review the rundown we will set up another call and the wedding planner will make any alterations based on your feedback.

A week before the wedding we will set up the last call to finalise all the wedding details and outstanding items just to make sure you're comfortable with everything. You'll still be nervous but this process we hope will alleviate any fears you have and give you confidence that everything will be perfect.

The day before the wedding we will accompany you to the wedding rehearsal at the venue. Typically the rehearsal lasts for 30 minutes and it is attended by the Bride & Groom, both your parents and any Bridesmaids or Groomsmen involved.

On the wedding day your wedding planner, the wedding team and all the vendors will arrive in the morning and start setting up.

For smaller weddings you, the Bride and Groom, will each have a personal assistant to guide you through the big day, be your timekeepers, problem solvers and help you with anything you need. There will be two floor assistants whose job it is to supervise the vendors and make sure that they are on time, are fully prepared and hit their cues. Also there will be a food and beverage supervisor and a multitasker. Everything will be coordinated by your wedding planner. For larger weddings we will have more staff to cope with the increased number of guests.

To sum up - we will use all our training, skill and experience to ensure you and your guests have the most incredible wedding day.

This is included in the wedding package

Photography & Videography

Indonesia's finest visual wedding artists - Axioo Bali

Axioo are a dynamic group of passionate photographers, videographers, designers, editors and stylists that have worked together documenting weddings and wedding stories since 2002. They are considered the top Indonesian wedding photographers and videographers and testament to this over half their clients come from Indonesia. They don’t just work in Indonesia - their clients fly them around the globe to pretty much every country for weddings and pre-wedding photoshoots; to the USA, Russia, Morocco, Cuba, the Maldives, Sweden, Iceland, even Bhutan and many many more. Over 400 photo and video sessions a year. Their aim is to help their couples capture the once in a lifetime moment in a beautiful way so that it can be remembered forever. We would describe Axioo's style with words like naturalistic, romantic and ‘bright’.

The wedding package includes 2 Axioo photographers, 2 Axioo videographers and an Axioo video director for 8 hours. The Standard Package comes with 100 HD edited photos and a 10 - 15 minute edited wedding video. If that's not enough you can choose the Upgrade Package that comes with an additional 4 hours on site (total 12 hours) and 125 HD edited photos. Or you can choose the Complete Photo and Video Package that comes with; 16 hours on site, 150 HD edited photos, a longer wedding video of 20 - 30 minutes and a 3 - 4 minute same day edit video or a wedding trailer that will be edited after the wedding.

Rest assured you are working with the very best talent in Bali!

Photographers 2 2 2
Videographers 2 2 2
Video Director 1 1 1
Time on site 8 hours 12 hours 16 hours
Amount of edited photos 100 125 150
Video length 10-15 minutes 10-15 minutes 20 - 30 minutes
Same day edit / trailer video 3-4 minutes
Couple holding hands walking on beach next to classic car

Add a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

If you're planning on visiting Bali before the wedding and want to mark the occassion then a pre-wedding photoshoot is the perfect solution. Stunning scenery, fantastic photography and the chance to forever capture a very special moment in time together.

This includes a consultation with an Axioo stylist to agree upon a concept and theme for the session and a 2 hour photo session with an Axioo photographer at a photogenic location in Bali.

You will receive a USB containing 20 HD edited photos.

This an optional add-on and costs extra

Food & Drink

Innovative food & quality beverages by Bali Catering Company

Bali Catering Company has been providing outside catering to mid and high level events since 2009. They average 200 events a year and can handle events for up to 5000 guests (not many caterers in Bali can claim this!). Past notable events include the IMF Gala Dinner and celebrity weddings including 2 events with Preston Bailey (super famous international wedding stylist). In addition to their catering services they also own four restaurants and gourmet shops in South Bali.

For your wedding they will serve canapés and a four course dinner; 2 starters, 1 main course from a choice of two, a dessert and drinks. There are two menus to choose from; the Asian Menu which is included in the wedding package and the Western Menu which is an optional add on. Both menus use top quality ingredients and the meals are designed to be suitable for weddings in a villa - the villa venue does not allow the caterers to use the cooking facilities so the food has to be pre-prepared offsite and finished at the venue. This is so they can provide the highest quality of food and service without compromise.

If you choose the Complete Drinks Package your guests will be served international bottled red and white wine, international sparkling wine, cocktails, beer, juices, soft drinks, iced tea and water. Included will be bar accessories, glassware, a physical bar, bartenders, a cocktail maker and the service team. If you choose the Beer and Soft Drinks Package then the service team will provide your guests with local bottled Bitnang beer, mocktails, juices, soft drinks and glassware. If you prefer just to take the included Standard Package your guests will be served water and iced tea. All three packages are freeflow for up to 8 hours. More details on the drinks package here

We will work together with a specific event manager from Bali Catering Company for your wedding, from an initial consultation to maybe a pre-wedding food tasting to the event itself. The management are all from 5 star hotel backgrounds so they have advanced international hygiene training and service standards. 
Bali Catering Company will accommodate any serious dietary requirements and food allergies.

All drink packages are based on total number of guests including non alcohol drinkers and children.

All of the Following
  • Spicy Salmon Sushi

  • Cone Tuna Tartare with guacamole coriander and lme

  • Barbequed Beef wrapped in rice paper

  • Roasted Sweet Paprika and Goat Cheese Roll with candied walnut and apple

  • Lamb Nasi Goreng “Croquette” with spicy mayonnaise

  • Sate Lilit Ayam with bumbu plecing and kemangi

  • Prawn Pesto Canollo with lime gel and dukkah

  • Lahmacun with eggplant, tomato, onion and peppers

This is included in the wedding package

Asian Menu
Two Starters
  • Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare Japanese rice, pickled cucumber, ginger, crispy nori, spicy mayonnaise and yuzu gel

  • Ayam Sambal Kecombrang Slow cooked free-range chicken breast with a fresh spicy relish of shallot, garlic, hot chilli, torch ginger and peanut cracker

One Main Course
  • Grilled Wagyu Beef Angel hair pasta, rendang spices, cassava leave and green chilli chutney

  • Crispy Red Snapper Fillet Thai wing bean salad and tamarind sweet chilli sauce

  • Coconut Panna Cotta Mango sorbet, pandan cream and sticky rice crackers

This is included in the wedding package

Western Menu
Two Starters
  • 100 Days Grain Fed Beef Carpaccio Truffle mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, brioche, pine nuts, arugula

  • Grilled Sea Prawn Seafood saffron risotto, Serrano ham, Portugese peri-peri chilli and garlic

One Main Course
  • Pan Fried Lamb Loin Crusted with Gremoulata Creamy Parmesan polenta, roasted provençale vegetables and sage jus

  • Slow Cooked Barramundi Truffle potato Gnocchi, lobster tortellini, green asparagus, cherry tomato, king mushroom, lobster sauce, basil

  • Red Fruit Gratin Marinated fresh local red fruits, champagne sabayon, crunchy pistachio

This an optional add-on and costs extra


Beer & Juices
Iced Tea
Fruit juices
Bottled Bintang Beer
Imported Spirits
International Wine
International Sparkling Wine

Sound & Lighting by AGP Production + Entertainment Options

AGP Production

AGP Production has been our sister company Luxury Weddings Indonesia’s go to solution for the best quality sound and lighting for the vast majority of all their events in Bali. Since their inception in 2008 AGP have worked on thousands of events all across Indonesia, from weddings and social celebrations to corporate gigs and international summits.

A strong team of professional technicians handle all of their events. Their audio and visual equipment is the best in Bali and they continuously update their stock with newer and better technology to keep ahead of the game. True professionals.

Why do we like AGP Production?

They are reliable, the most professional audio and visual team we’ve worked with in Bali, the best quality of sound and lighting we’ve experienced at our events and they always try to accommodate our client’s requests the best they can - and they've always delivered! They’ve never let us down.

Melody Bali Voice

When your guests arrive at the villa they will be directed to take their seat at the ceremony area. We can have classical music or your favourite songs playing over the sound system using the Spotify app or you can really impress everybody and set the tone of the wedding with a professional live string quartet positioned to the side of the altar. Agustino Talokon is the band leader and when he's not performing he teaches students piano, violin, trumpet, guitar and erhu. He decided to form the quartet because of his belief in providing professional and top quality classical music for events and concerts in Bali - it's his passion.

Why do we like Melody Bali Voice?

Melody Bali Voice is, hands down, the best string quartet in Bali. They perform at several hundred of events per year and have been doing so since 2009. Our sister company has worked with them on over 50 events, guests continually make a point of commenting on how much they enjoy their performances and they always bring their A game. Quite simply their musicianship creates a beautiful atmosphere and is worth the extra cost.

Acoustic band, live band and DJ

We can play any music you want during dinner via the Spotify app over the sound system or you can choose one of these optional add-ons; an acoustic band with a singer, a live band with two singers or a DJ.

The bands and the DJs are local musicians, we've have worked with all of them many times before, we love their performances and we've recieved very positive feedback from our wedding clients. Only the best!

Live band on stage with purple lighting

Ceremony Sound, Lighting and Entertainment

Standard Package

You can compile a playlist using the Spotify app and the wedding team and sound engineers will ensure that the correct sequence of songs will be played on cue. Extra lighting will be provided in case it’s a cloudy day. Equipment includes:

  • 2 x Mipro wireless microphones (for the Celebrant & exchange of vows)

  • 2 x Das Avant 500 watt outdoor active speakers

  • 1 x Allen & Heath analogue mixing desk

  • 2 x 1000 watt halogen lights (depending on guest size up to 4 units)

This is included in the wedding package

Dinner Sound, Lighting and Entertainment

Standard Package

The same as the ceremony standard package, you can compile a playlist using the Spotify app and the wedding team and sound engineers will ensure that the correct sequence of songs will be played on cue.

Equipment includes:

  • 2 x Mipro wireless microphones (for speeches and announcements)

  • 4 x Das Avant 500 watt outdoor active speakers (depending on guest size up to 8 units)

  • 1 x Allen & Heath analogue mixing desk

  • 8 x 1000 watt halogen lights (depending on guest size up to 15 units)

  • 10 x Multicolour LED par stage lights (parabolic anodised reflectors)

This is included in the wedding package

Add a String Quartet for the Ceremony

Why not add a string quartet to enhance the ceremony experience and entertain your guests with wonderful classical music played live? Melody Bali Voice will provide 3 professional violinists and a cello player to play pretty much any classical composition for up to one hour (pictued). The most popular requested are; Pachelbel's Canon in D by Bach, Wedding March by Mendelssohn, Four Seasons (Spring) by Vivaldi, Air on the G String by Bach but you can peronalise this with whatever you want. Additional equipment includes:

  • 4 x Mipro wireless microphones + stands

  • 1 x Das Avant 500 watt outdoor active speaker

  • Additional sound engineers

This an optional add-on and costs extra

Add a DJ for dinner and dancing

Why not add a professional DJ to entertain your guests during dinner and maybe the afterparty? "Music For Life" is a company that provides top quality local DJ's for special events - we've worked together on many events and they are our go to guys! We will book a well respected local DJ who will perform a 3 hour set. All musical styles can be catered for, we will organise this during the wedding planning process. Additional equipment includes:

  • 2 x CDJ-1000 mk3

  • 1 x DJM-2000 NXS

  • Additional sound engineers

This an optional add-on and costs extra

Add an acoustic band for dinner and dancing

We will book a professional and talented local acoustic band who will perform up to 25 songs of your choice (from a very extensive list) during two sets of up to 60 minutes each. You can request up to 5 songs that do not appear on the list (must be requested at least 2 months before the wedding). Typically the band will include a guitar player, a bass player, a keyboardist, a percussionist and a singer.

Additional equipment includes:

  • 5 x Mipro wireless microphones for the band

  • 4 x DI unit (for sound mixing the acoustic instruments)

  • 3 x Das Avant monitor units

  • 8 x 1000 watt halogen lights (depending on guest size up to 15 units)

  • 10 x Multicolour LED par stage lights (parabolic anodised reflectors)

  • Additional sound engineers

This an optional add-on and costs extra

Add an live band for dinner and dancing

We will book a professional and talented local live band who will perform up to 25 songs of your choice (from a very extensive list) during two sets of up to 60 minutes each. You can request up to 5 songs that do not appear on the list (must be requested at least 2 months before the wedding). Typically the full live band will include a guitar player, a bass player, a keyboardist, a drummer, one male singer and one female singer.

Additional equipment includes:

  • 6 x Mipro wireless microphones for the band

  • 1 x 32 channel Midas M32 console

  • 6 x Das Avant monitor units

  • 3 x Instrument amplifiers

  • 2 x Das Avant 18 inch sub woofers

  • Any additional equipment or instrument that the band require

  • Additional sound engineers

This an optional add-on and costs extra

Wedding Cake

Pretty, stylish & tasty wedding cakes by Ixora Bali

Ixora Cakes is a Bali institution. They are a family business formed in 1988 that started as a hobby and love of baking cakes, breads and pastries at home and grew into a business that provides beautiful wedding cakes to over 600 events per year. They don’t just make wedding cakes but are specialist in sugar craft, decorative confections, cup cakes, gelato and lots of other yummy desserts.

Why do we like Ixora Cakes?

They use the best ingredients, their cake designs are forever evolving and take inspiration from new trends and they deliver a high quality product not just to wedding planners but some of the top restaurants and hotels in Bali.

For Luxury Weddings Bali clients you can choose from 3 cake designs which you can view below; the Peony Cake, the Rose Cake and the Magnolia Cake.

All three options are three tiered wedding cakes. Included in the wedding package is one real cake tier - the other two tiers are dummies (the dummy tiers are made of styrofoam but obviously decorated to look real). You can choose to upgrade and have two real tiers or three real tiers for an extra cost. See the table below for portion sizes although this is just a rough guide.

There are over 19 flavours of cake to choose from such as our favourites; chocolate sponge, red velvet and raspberry. Each tier is made up of two layers of cake and in between these layers you have a choice of 16 fillings such as (our favourites again!); passion fruit ganache, lemon ganache and dark chocolate ganache. The cakes are finished with a fondant exterior and decorated with superbly crafted sugar flowers.

Ixora can assist with dietary restrictions. If you are vegan or gluten intolerant the only cake flavour available to you is chocolate. If you suffer from nut allergies you must avoid carrot cake and almond cake and peanut butter and hazelnut fillings.

Marbled wedding cake decorated with sugar flowers

The Peony Cake

Wedding cake decorated with roses and leaves

The Rose Cake

Wedding cake with a marbled layer and a gold layer edecorated with magnolia flowers

The Magnolia Cake

Portion Size Guide

Tiers Diameter of Tiers Number of Servings
1 Real Tier 16 cms 16 Portions
2 Real Tiers 16 + 22 cms 50 Portions
3 Real Tiers 16 + 22 + 28 cms 100 Portions


Professional officiant Rudy Teh

The Celebrant is the person who initially greets the guests to the ceremony, introduces the Bride and Groom, gives a short speech and conducts the ceremony. He will ask you to exchange your vows and your rings and announce your marriage.

The ceremony typically takes 30 minutes. The best time for the ceremony is 5pm when the sun is close to the horizon and it’s a bit cooler. After the ceremony the photographer can take photos with your family and friends and then at 6pm you can all convene to the cocktail area for refreshments and to watch the sunset.

Rudy Teh has been performing professional celebrant services for 9 years and officiates around 150 weddings per year. He speaks fluent English and Indonesian.

Rudy can offer you some liturgy templates to choose from or you can create your own and he will work with you to personalise the experience and assist with any special request.

This ceremony is a commitment ceremony only - it is not a legal wedding. We will provide a commemorative wedding certificate for you to take home.

This is included in the wedding package

Balinese Fire Dance

Enjoy an enchanting & hypnotic performance by Bali Fire Dancers

A wedding in Bali would not be complete without a Balinese fire dance performance. This is great entertainment for your guests and something special to Bali. Young and fit male and female fire dancers can be dressed in costumes that reflect the wedding theme colours and they will perform to a fusion of Balinese gamelan and modern upbeat music.

The Bali Fire Dancers company was formed in 2013 and since have performed at weddings, social events, corporate gigs, government events and national festivals. Their equipment conforms to international safety standards and they always have a safety manager standing by for each event.

Great times to have a fire dance is either towards the end of sunset drinks and before moving to the dinner area or after the friends and family speeches but before the serving of the main course at dinner. The show will last for around 13 minutes. Depending on the size of your wedding there will be 3 - 5 fire dancers and their performance may include the following; fire chain, fire candles, fire dragons, fire fan, fire hula hoop (pictured), fire chakra, double staff, fire breathing and other pyrotechnics.

This is included in the wedding package


Capture those fun moments with LOL Photobooth

Having a photobooth is a great way to provide some lighthearted entertainment for your guests with the bonus that they get to take away a visual record of the fun that they had at your wedding.

LOL were inspired to create this service due to their own lacklustre personal experience at their friends weddings. They believe that the existing photobooth companies lack consistency in quality & lighting and the printed photographs given out were meh! Ultimately their goal was to create a more professional service and provide clients and their guests a more enjoyable experience with quality photos they can take home and cherish.

Guests will have their photo taken in a nice part of the villa garden (or if you have chosen Enhanced Decor then there will be a dedicated photobooth area created with a large floral backdrop and two large peacock chairs - see photo). They can download the LOL Photobooth app and save their photos to their phone as well as having the printed photos to take home.

Post wedding LOL will email you all the photos from the event the next day.

LOL Photobooth service includes; 3 hours service onsite, no limit to the amount of photos and guests, props provided, instructions to download app provided and 2 crew members.

Size of photos 4R (10cm x 15cm). Size of photo strips (15cm x 5cm).

This an optional add-on and costs extra

My Image

Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

Professional make up & styling - FaceByCyn

Every Bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. If you don’t want to organise your own make up and hair we recommend FacebyCyn.

We’ve worked with dozens of make up artists and hairstylists and Cynthia is great for the natural glowing and bronze island look. She works closely with a professional hairstylist to offer a one stop solution. She’s certified having completed courses in both Indonesia and overseas and she is constantly improving herself with online courses and tutorials.

Prior to the make up session you will be introduced to Cynthia by the wedding planner via video call so she can get to know you. You can discuss your preferences and anything relevant to help plan your wedding make up and hair.

Cynthia's inspiration comes from celebrity make up artists including Nikki Makeup, Erin Parsons and Katie Jane Hughes.

Cynthia only uses high quality makeup products such as Charlotte Tilbury, Natasha Denona, Pat McGrath, By Terry, Jeffry Star, Anastasia Beverly Hills and many more.

You can choose to just have Wedding Day Make Up and Hair Sytling. For longer wedding days you can add a Touch Up. If you visit Bali prior to your wedding and want to have a make up trial with Cynthia then this option is available.

This an optional add-on and costs extra

A Bride ahving make up applied by the stylist

Indomie Stall

Late night noodles! by Bali Miracle Catering

Our favourite traditional Indonesian food caterer in Bali

Indomie is a famous Indonesian hot snack and very popular with our Asian clients, especially late at night during the reception or even afterparty.

Tuck into a bowl of Indomie goreng (fried Indonesian noodles) & slurp delicous Kuah (soup noodles). Ingredients and toppings include beef meatballs, chicken, bratwurst, beef ham, pork bacon, egg, tomato, mushroom and, of course, chillis (be careful) 🌶 🌶 🥵

This option includes a portion of Indomie goreng or Kuah and all the trimmings per guest, a traditonal food stall (pictured), dinnerware and Indomie chefs.

This an optional add-on and costs extra

Noodle maker preparing noodles for customer

Gelato Cart

Super Yummy Gelato & Sorbet by The Gelato Factory

The Gelato Factory is an Italian family owned gelato maker whose history goes all the way back to 1945 when the owners Grandfather set up a gelato cart in Genoa, Italy and has since grown into a countrywide company. Our favourite gelato in Bali - you won't find better!

You can choose from 37 flavours of gelato and 17 flavours of sorbet - enough to satisfy anyones palette. This option includes a gelato cart (pictured) with equipment and staff for 4 hours, 6 flavours of gelato or sorbet of your choice, baked cones, wooden spoons and paper cups.

This an optional add-on and costs extra


Light up the sky with a dazzling display by Azimuth Bali

When you talk about fireworks and Bali one name is synonymous with both - Azimuth. A family business that started in 1998 they average 400 - 600 events every year.

From our experience Azimuth are easy to work with, their management & staff are highly professional and they are very accommodating for our clients request. They design your display to incorporate any kind of fireworks that are available in Indonesia.

We can cue the fireworks to match an important event during the dinner. The most popular example is to start the firework display during the climax of your first dance.

Most venues put a maximum curfew for fireworks at 9pm.

The package includes 300 firework shots which will last 1 to 2 minutes.


A lot of villas will not allow fireworks because of the danger of fire to properties close to the wedding venue. Please check the Villa page where each venue will state if fireworks are permitted or not.

The fixed fee of IDR 13,500,000 includes a police permit but not the Banjar (local village) fireworks permission fee. This varies from one venue to another and it can also be increased without notice so the information on the Villa page is only a guideline and is not guaranteed.

This an optional add-on and costs extra

Bride and groom watching dramatic firework display